About Stranooden GWS

Who We Are

Stranooden GWS is one of 13 schemes located in Co. Monaghan that supplies clean potable water to rural Monaghan. Each water scheme in the county is tasked with the sourcing, treating, delivering and conservation of drinking water for their members.

Located to the north of the mid Monaghan area, Stranooden GWS services parts of the Aghabog, Ardaghey, Ballybay, Castleshane, Corcaghan, Magherarney, Monaghan, Newbliss, Rockcorry, Smithboro, Threemilehouse and Tullycorbett. We deliver water to about 1100 domestic houses and a further 400 agricultural and commercial premises. Click on the map to see if you are located within our mains service area.

Stranooden Group Water Scheme Mains Service Area Map

What We Do

Stranooden GWS sources its water from a lake situated several kilometres south west of Ballybay named White lough, known locally as “Bairds Shore”. It is 1 lake of a network of 8 lakes known locally as the “8 tates” which are part of the Dromore river system which flows west between Ballybay and Cootehill.

The water is abstracted at this location and then pumped approximately 8 miles north to the schemes reception reservoir at Corcaghan. The water is then treated using a dissolved air floatation plant built by the scheme in 1997. The water is then chlorinated and pumped to 1 of 2 distribution reservoirs which hold approx 2200m3/half a million gallons ready for supply throughout our distribution network.

Our Structure

The original management structure within the group water scheme sector is still very much relevant today even though the business has changed a lot, with the voluntary ethos still very much to the fore. Stranooden GWS has at present an 11 member voluntary committee that make the decisions on policy and development which allows the scheme to continue to provide a quality product in a constant and dependable manner.

Scheme Chairman Paddy Ward has many years experience of the GWS sector having served on the board of Stranooden GWS for more than 20 years before taking up the position of Chairman whilst also serving as treasurer on the board of the National Federation of Group Water Schemes . The scheme has 2 full time staff. Scheme manager James McGlone is responsible for the day to day running while the maintenance is the responsibility of Conor Brannigan.

The remaining board members are:

  • Peadar McGuinness, Annaglough, Stranooden.
  • Peter Mc Mahon, Urblekirk, Dunraymond.
  • Padraig Croarkin, Carn, Smithboro.
  • John Hetherington, Cormeen, Monaghan.
  • Kevin Beagon, Greagh, Corcaghan.
  • Conor Maguire, Stranooden.
  • Pj Murphy, Togan, Threemilehouse.
  • Mathew Lambe, Lisquigney, Ballybay.
  • Annie Lawless, Annaglough, Stranooden.
  • Paul Kelly, Drummuck, Ballybay.

Together, these committee members, as well as Chairman Paddy Ward freely give of their time to attend monthly management meetings which decide on whatever the most recent issues are relating to the ongoing operation and prosperity of the scheme. Stranooden GWS are proud of the quality and continuity of the water they supply, and endeavour at all times to reply promptly to any queries members may have, however without the goodwill shown towards the scheme by its members this job would be a lot more difficult.

The committee of Stranooden GWS would like to thank its members for their continued help, be it by promptly paying their accounts or by the reporting of any leaks that they detect. Together we can look forward to a future where we both can continue to flourish.