Beaghkearns, Killyvane,Crosses, Castleshane, Monaghan

Scouring continues on Monday 5th, initially the beagh lane will be done, then to the flush cross and Knockaturley, then we will do Mullyknock to sheetrim and the Corran, on Tuesday the scoring will continue through Leagh to feragh and on the bbay/monaghan road to Killyvane, wednesday we will work on the old bbay road towards Ardaghey, taking in the road to Latlurcan then corness and greaglass lane,Thursday we will head from Crosses towards Annagap and listrahagney and Friday we will finish on N2 and corwillan Killymarley, this is an approximate schedule which may change but we will work to this as near as possible, for information on the impact of scouring on your supply see previous posts

James McGlone
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