Tuesday, 19th  March 2024

Today we are making changes and adjustments that will affect the Drumacruttin, Toniscofy and Ardaghey areas

 Drinking water will be effected in these area'a as scouring will commence/continue today.


Scouring our Water Supply Network

What does this Mean?

  • Scouring of pipes is essential to keep your water at its best.
  • Scouring of pipelines is carried out twice annually by Stranooden ( April/Oct approx.).
  • Your water may appear brown during this process, this is caused by iron and manganese deposits in the pipelines.
  • Your water may appear white, this whiteness is simply tiny air bubbles in the water.
  • The brown colour will pass by allowing your outside tap to run.
  • The air bubbles evaporate and release from the water when in contact with air.
  • Your water will be clear and clean immediately on the completion of scouring.

Is the Water Safe?

  1. When your water effected by scouring, we advise to allow an outside tap to run until our water runs clear.
  2. We advise the switching off of connections during the process to avoid air or discolouration in your system.

Anyone not included that wishes to be included in our text alerts should text their name and number to 0872606118/0873424354 and please include "Add to Text Alerts" in your message.

What is Pipe Scouring ?

Pipe / Air Scouring of water mains is an extremely effective 'non-aggressive' way of cleaning and removing particulate matter from the  water mains that bring safe water home to us.

Air scouring works by flushing a pressureised water/air mixture through the pipes to remove the iron and manganese layer and any other organic debris that attaches to pipewalls. This is then flushed out of the pipe network at scour valves and released into the ground and back to nature from where it came.