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Raw Water

Information on where we get the raw unprocessed water that we protect, treat, clean and deliver safely to you.



Water needs to be treated before it is ready to drink. Throughout every year the chemistry of our raw water changes


Water Network

Getting safe clean water to your tap is our primary function.This underground network. like anything, its easier said than done.


Network Maintenance

The importance of network maintenance, meters, and safety of getting healthy water to our taps


Source Protection

If the water we source is cleaner, then we need to treat it less, costing you less.


Account Payments

We accecpt via Visa, Mastercard, and Revoult to pay for you water account. Also other payment options

Water Maintenance News

Corcaghan, Beaghkaearns, Drumbear, Sheetrim, Mill Lane, and Leck

Water Pipe Maintenance Schedule

Thursday, 2nd  May 2024 Today we are making changes and adjustments that will affect...

Drink Our Water With Confidence.
Our Water is Your Water. 

We supply over 1300 homes, businesses and farms with clean, high quality, fresh water.

Know Your Water

60% of our Body is water

Stranooden Group Water Scheme are Leading Ireland in water preservation and more importantly Source protection.
Check our Videos to see the role you can play in protecting our water.

Stranooden Group Water Scheme

Scouring in Greenans Cross Aghabog and more...

Thursday 23rd November 2023

Areas affected today are Corleck, Carn, Drumbraen, Drumgarley, Mountain Hill, Greenans X, and Lissarrily

Localised texts will be sent for each area when your water will be effected

Scouring effecting the above areas will begin on Today Scouring will continue all this week.


Help us Help you.

Water Education, Know What Helps.

With a catchment area of over 300 Square KM and a population of over 50, 000 people who habitually use that area, we need your help to make sure everyone knows that propection our water source is.  Protecting ourselves and reducing the costs, reducing the chemicals it requires to bring our water to a health and safe standard will help us all.

School of Water

02 Aug 2022 Water Education

Know your poisons! Stranooden Group water Scheme deliver educational presentations to schools...

Protecting Our Water

17 Sep 2022 Water Education

Evidence of nutrient enrichment of the Dromore River, which flows into White Lough a short...

Know Your Poisons

02 Aug 2022 Water Education

Did you know 1 capful of MCPA leaked into the a water outlet, will POISON a water source for 30...

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We are always here to help. No Matter what your issue is, if it's got ANYTHING to do with water, we're here for you. Water leaks, Water Bills, Water abuse . . . anything you need to share with us,
Please give us a call or drop us an email. 

Email: stranoodenwater@gmail.com
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