Mains Flushing

As previously advertised in the Northern Standard, the annual mains flushing of the distribution network has begun, this will result in some disruption to supply for members, however we will keep this to a minimum.

Some water discolouration will be unavoidable and members may experience bursts of air causing white water in their taps , this is all short term and will clear if you allow your tap to run for a short period.

We will be posting here the dates and times for each area as it comes online for flushing so refer here for updates on your area, more local information will be sent by text to any member participating in our text alert service, anyone wishing to recieve text alerts, not already included can text their name and mobile number to 0872606118.

Once again we apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank all members for their patience and continued support.

James McGlone
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