Scheme Scouring Programme

The schemes scouring programme begins 6th of October, discolouration will be inevitable during this process,we advise in instances of a brown or yellowish colour, to run an outside tap until your supply clears, this colour is caused by iron and manganese deposits fixated to the watermain pipe walls, and as we flush the mains out with water and air,these deposits dislodge and mix with the scour water causing this dark colour, as soon as your supply runs clear its once again fit for consumption, if your water appears a milky white colour this is caused by dissolved air and will settle out of your supply given time.The air is introduced to the supply by the scheme during the scouring process as a method of cleaning and scouring out the supply pipes, the air often travels up member supplies and escapes at taps , ballcocks etc as can be seen and heard when using your water supply after disruption.
This scouring of lines is essential to preserve the water quality in the pipe network and although considerable disruption is caused during the process, maintaining quality in the network would be impossible without this process. We would ask members to have patience with the process when in operation in your area as normal supply will return as soon as is possible.
As always we apologise for the inconvenience and hope our members appreciate how essential this scouring is for water quality throughout the year

James McGlone
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