Scouring and what to do!!

We intend to begin our bi-annual scouring of mains on Monday 11th March, we once again will be using compressed air in the process, which gives us a much better clean but will cause members to experience air in their pipes and also white milky coloured water,d’ont despair if a tap is allowed to run for a short period of time(5-10min approx) the air and the milkiness will clear. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience but this is an essential maintanance event that will ensure quality water for the remainder of the year.
We will start on the Ballagh road on Monday,for updates on your area we will send texts where possible and update the news on our website here.
This will go on for about 5 weeks and may be longer depending on workload, we thank you for your patience

James McGlone
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