Water reservoir levels

As the period of warm weather continues, water levels have become unavoidably low due to the high demand, our lake pumps are working at full capacity 24 hours/day and our treatment plant is operating at full capacity 24 hours/day, despite this our levels are dropping as we are supplying at peak 30cubes per hour MORE than we can produce, thats 30 square white tanks,or 30,000litres or 6500gallons every Hour.We are very dissapointed that some members continue to waste water, watering lawns, filling paddling pools etc, without the slightest regard for the scheme and the pressure its under to mantain supply, or for their neighbours who may be totally dependant on their supply, due to vunerable groups like elderly people or very young babies, not to mention the farming community who depend on supply for their livestock. Given the seriousness of the situation the scheme will be reluctantly considering water restrictions, however we will be monitoring the situation closely before any decision is made, members will be notified by text if restrictions are being implemented, anyone not on our text service can be included if they text their name, adress, and mobile no. to 0872606118

James McGlone
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