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Why is this a Better way to Use Herbicides?

A weed wiper is a device that enables the user to precisely target specific weeds by height, in a safe, simple & economical way without risking damage to other plants or wildlife.

Using a Weed Wiper system ensures effective measures can be taken against many common weed species (e.g. rush, bracken, thistle, dock, nettles, etc) and is suitable for use with our Environmental goals of water safety.  

With a properly adjusted wiper, herbicide is only applied to the weeds. This reduces the amount of herbicide used per acre and introduced into the environment and reduces or eliminates damage to non-target species. Wipers can be used regardless of wind speed a big advantage.

LOW Impact Herbicide application

The use of our low weight ATV and Herbicide sprayer has the advange of being a very small impact on the land being sprayed.

Safer Herbicide Application

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